Gulfstream G400 Guide and Specs : What Are Its Best Features?


On September 9, 2002, Gulfstream introduced a new product line offering in each segment of the business jet market that delivers an outstanding balance of cost, performance, and value-added client preferences. The same day, a new name for Gulfstream aircraft was unveiled in conjunction with the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA). Gulfstream introduced the G400 as one of their aircraft. Gulfstream attempted to serve a wide variety of commercial jet markets, and the G400 was designated as a large-cabin and long-range family member.

Gulfstream halted the manufacture of GIV-series aircraft on December 3, 2002, and officially began production of G400. The 500th and last Gulfstream IV carried the serial number 1499, and the GIV was one of the best-selling aircraft in its class during its 15-year manufacturing run. The large-cabin long-range GIV was introduced in 1985 and currently holds over 70 world records, including both eastbound and westbound speed records across the world. The GIV fulfills the air transport needs of businesses, governments, including heads of state, private entities, and charter companies all around the world. Furthermore, with a dispatch dependability rating of 99.66 percent, the GIV is the most dependable in its class.

The G400 and G300 are based on the established design of the GIV and provide flight and maintenance professionals with even more options for nonstop range capability, outfitting, service, and training. The first G400 had a serial number of 1500 and was based on the GIVSP.

While cruising at Mach 0.88, the Gulfstream G400 business aircraft has a range of 4,100 nautical miles. The Rolls-Royce Tay-powered G400 can transport up to eight passengers and three crew members nonstop from Chicago to Berlin. The G400 offered outstanding onboard productivity and comfort at the time of its debut, with the biggest cabin in its class.

The base G400 big cabin has a head-up display as well as a host of other cutting-edge features. A large cabin also has the standard equipment. When the G400 was released, Gulfstream included a unique Gulfstream 5-year Service and Training package as well as a competitive warranty.

Owners of the fully outfitted Gulfstream G400 could select from a range of cabin layouts and bundles of well-planned and manufactured accessories. The standard equipment and optional packages provide an exceptional combination of features that enable customers’ freedom in designing their aircraft to fit their needs while maintaining the proven dependability, safety, comfort, and performance.

Gulfstream G400 Specifications

The Gulfstream G400 is a step in the progression of the Gulfstream GIV to more advanced versions, and Gulfstream only manufactured 23 of them. In that time name change from the GIVSP model to G400 starting from serial number 1500 as mentioned was a chance for engineers to upgrade the airplane.

By strengthening the landing gear and altering the wing and tail, the Gulfstream G400 improved its weight capability. These modifications were made to serial numbers 1214 to 1500. The SIVSP (also known as the G400) received the same technological changes as the serial number 1500, but with some additional interior improvements.

The G400 is variously different from the GIV. Initially, a hydro-mechanical system has replaced the GIV wire brake system, which enhanced the dispatch reliability while increasing the brake’s strength. The aircraft’s longer-lasting tires and wheels add to the trusting nature of the aircraft. The damping of the landing gear system was enhanced, and the landing weight of the aircraft increased, causing smooth butter landings. The G400 also received upgraded avionics throughout its life afterward. The SPZ-8400 system in Honeywell replaced the 8000 version, improving the dependability of the entire package.

The Gulfstream G400 is a large-cabin jet that has proven to be one of the most popular in the industry. The wings were changed for better aerodynamics, and the fuselage was extended to increase the aircraft’s range. The G400 can transport 1,400 pounds more people and/or luggage to their destination thanks to a 1,400-pound increase in takeoff weight. According to operators, the GIV and G400, as well as aircraft from the same line, were the most dependable business jets in their fleets.

Table 1: Gulfstream G400 Specs

G400 Specs
Tail Height 24.4 ft (7.43 m) Cabin Height 6.2 ft (1.88 m)
Wingspan 77.8 ft (23.7 m) Cabin Width               7.4 ft (2.25 m)
Length 88.3 ft (26,91 m) Cabin Length 45.1 ft (13.75 m)
MTOW 74,600 lb. (33,565 kg) Cabin Zones 3
Passengers 13-19 Cabin Volume 1658 cu ft (46.95 cu m)
Fuel Capacity 29,281 lb. (13,281.6 kg) Internal Baggage 169 cu ft (4.78 cu m)
Max Landing Weight 66,000 lb. (29,937 kg) Max Payload 5300 lb. (2404 kg)

On the avionics side also Gulfstream Enhanced Vision System can be installed to G400. The Gulfstream EVS incorporates a specially designed Forward-Looking Infrared (FLIR) camera that projects an infrared real-world image on the pilot’s Honeywell Head-Up Display (HUD).

Gulfstream G400 Performance and Handling

Since its introduction as the sole powerplant for the Gulfstream IV in 1988, the Tay engine family has earned a reputation for durability, efficiency, and noise-low generation. The Gulfstream IV’s only power source is the Tay engines. The G400 is powered by two Tay 611-8 engines that consume around 512 gph and rated 13,850 pounds of thrust at takeoff.

The most recent engine model is the 611-8C, which is used in the G350 and G450. With a range of 4100 nautical miles (7,593 km), the G400 offers the same comfort and design as the G series. The aircraft has a maximum altitude and speed of 45,000 feet and Mach 0.88.

Table 2: Gulfstream G400 Performance

G400 Performance
Engines 2*Rolls-Royce Tay 611-8
Takeoff Distance 5600 ft (1706.8 m)
Balanced Field Length 5700 ft (1737.3 m)
Landing Distance 4417 ft (1346.3 m)
Rate of Climb 3640 fpm
Climb Rate One Engine Not Operational: 701 fpm
Max Speed 586 kts (1085 km/h) (0.88 Mach)
Cruise Speed 500 kts (0.75 Mach)
Range 4100 nm

Gulfstream G400 Modifications and Upgrades

Honeywell 8000 series avionics were used in early versions, while later variants came with Honeywell SPZ-8400 avionics. This update is possible for earlier models. A 131 Series APU upgrade, Aspire 200 Satellite Communication, and Jet ConneX are also available from Honeywell. Jet Connex provides a 4.6-15 Mbps internet connection for commercial airplanes.

Except for these, the Gulfstream Enhanced Vision System has been available for G400 aircraft for a long time. TCAS (traffic alert and collision avoidance system) and EGPWS are also part of EVS (enhanced ground proximity warning system).

Aside from this, several firms that cater to business jets provide interior customizations depending on customer preferences.

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Gulfstream G400 Prices

The typical price for a pre-owned Gulfstream G400 is about $7 million, depending on a variety of factors. This, of course, is dependent on flying hours, production year, systems incorporated, and a variety of other things.

When it was just in service G400 was sold for $33 Million, considering this is one of the top-level business jets of early 2000s, a model with necessary upgrades will pay back its price.

Gulfstream G400 Maintenance Schedule

The manufacturer publishes maintenance instructions for each aircraft, which are contained in the Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM Document). The Maintenance Schedule and Time Limits are described in these papers. These are private papers that are issued to the establishments that have the maintenance certificate. These AMM papers may be found in these facilities. It is hard to find those documents individually because Gulfstream aircraft are large business jets that require servicing by these approved facilities.

Every aircraft has a routine inspection regimen that must be followed to maintain the plane safe and airworthy. The ABC check system is now in use. The detailed inspections are referred to as “checks” by airlines and airworthiness authorities and are usually one of the following: A check, B check, C check, or D check.

Checks A and B are lighter, whereas checks C and D are heavier. C and D checks are generally made in months, years intervals. These inspections, like those based on flying hours, can also be based on cycles. Although aircraft operators may do some work at their facilities, most checks, particularly the more extensive ones, are performed at MRO business locations. If you ever find yourself in the lovely city of Istanbul, for example, Turkish Technic is the MRO facility for Gulfstream G400 aircraft.

Gulfstream offers several service facilities worldwide, and Jet Aviation, which is also owned by General Dynamics, provides commercial jet maintenance. In addition to the owners of these companies, a variety of other organizations, especially at large international hub airports, undertake maintenance services. The estimated cost of maintenance per hour is around $500.


Even though G400 is a very reliable aircraft, it is an old jet. Most of the pre-owned jets in the market will have quite a lot of flight hours. They might also need some essential upgrades in their avionics or cabin systems. Their maintenance can be more costly while these kinds of business jets already have high operating costs.

Where to Find Replacement Parts

For such aircraft, jet aircraft like G400 require cautious operations by certified personnel. This requires that competent maintenance facilities may fix the components of the Gulfstream, which must be replaced, after receiving the parts from the original G400 equipment maker Gulfstream. Owners can also meet a variety of companies which can enable them to modify their aircraft’s interior.

The general opinion of G400 owners is that the aircraft is very reliable, and Gulfstream has nice service support.

Insurance Options

There will be two primary insurance choices for the 400. One of the most crucial is liability insurance, which covers you in the event of third-party damage or harm. Passengers, freight, and baggage are all free of charge. This policy does not cover aircraft damage. This brings us to the second form of private jet insurance, hull coverage.

However, private jet owners should not limit themselves to the two most prevalent types of aviation insurance. The kind of plane, its value, the pilot’s expertise, and the safety record all influence the cost of insurance for a certain aircraft.

Gulfstream G400 Financial

Financial projections are based on typical pricing and under normal circumstances. While the year fixed cost is estimated to be around $653,021, the hourly operating cost is estimated to be roughly $4,000. Based on 300 hours per year, the total cost of operation will be around $2,500,000.(GuardianJet, 2021)

Depending on the liability limitations, private jet insurance can range from $10,000 to $50,000. On an annual basis, the hull insurance for the G400 is expected to be $10,493 and the liability insurance to be $45,000.

Resale Value

The retail value is dependent on the original purchase and the hours of flying after it. However, a few factors, including competitors and new models as well as the status of the jetliner sector, will affect future resales value. Moreover, an aircraft’s condition has a major influence on its resale value. The aircraft costs vary based on accumulated flying times, configuration, changes, and other variables.

Owner Reviews

The G400 is a highly reliable aircraft, according to both the owners and the fleet operators. It has a high dispatch reliability, which indicates that it always arrives on time for planned departures without delay, cancellation, turn back, or diversion. Despite the fact that it is an older jet in comparison to newer versions on the market, owners appreciate the comfortable and elegant cabin. It’s also a plus because it’s upgradeable, and many people believe Gulfstream has a strong maintenance network.

Similar Aircraft

The Bombardier’s global 5000, Dassault Falcon 900 DX/LX, and Legacy 650 were competitors and comparable aircraft. Similar aircraft include Gulf stream G450 and GIVSP and they are also in the same family.

Clubs You Can Join

Gulfstream itself has hosts Customer Support organizations which you can follow from their website and use their “MyGulfstream” system.

Further Read:

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How much does a G400 cost?

Answer: pre-owned G400 costs around $7 Million. It is one of the most reliable aircraft produced by Gulfstream in the long-range, large-cabin class.

Question: How far can a Gulfstream G400 fly?

Answer: It can fly 4100 nautical miles which are 7593 km. This means G400 can have a flight from Chicago to Berlin non-stop.

Question: When did the Gulfstream G4 come out?

Answer: The Gulfstream IV is a family of jets that are primarily utilized for private and commercial usage. The first G-IV took to the air in September 1985, and the FAA awarded it type certification in 1987.

Question: How many people can fly on a G400?

Answer: On 3 cabin zones, it can carry 13-19 people based on the configuration.

Question: Who makes the G400?

Answer: Gulfstream Aerospace, which is owned by General Dynamics, created, and built the G400. Their headquarters are in the United States, in Savannah, Georgia.


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