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Flying enthusiasts unite on this site to talk about the latest in aviation, from airplanes to pilot gear; our team is always eager to learn about the newest tech. You must love it too, or you wouldn’t be here. 

That’s why we created Aviator Insider, so flying enthusiast can share their knowledge and passion with other enthusiasts, guide them to the best products and make sure they are spending their money on the equipment that suits them the best! 

Our writers are industry experts who have spent thousands of hours studying and flying; most are licensed pilots themselves and absolutely love everything to do with aviation. While others are aspiring students who can’t wait until they have acquired their own pilot’s license. They know the ins and outs of what it takes to become a pilot and all of the different airplanes and products that you will encounter.

Our Aviation and Flight Goals

Our mission at Aviator Insider is to help you learn about the latest technology and information surrounding all things Aviation. Aviator Insider aims to offer guides to the best airplane brands, pilot gear, avionics, maintenance, and destinations. We’ll help you decide what to buy, how to maintain it, and where to take it on your next trip.

We want you to have the latest information and the coolest new tech. Plus, you shouldn’t be spending money on things that aren’t useful to you or that you don’t like.

Unfortunately, that’s what a lot of people do. They have trouble finding the best equipment at the best prices, so they end up overpaying. It’s tough to sift through the less-than-ideal items to find what works for you.

You should be getting the most out of everything in your hangar, so we’ve provided some comprehensive resources to help you use them to their full potential. You’ll spend less time worrying about something going wrong and more time in flight.

We have guides for everything in aviation, so the sky’s the limit. You can do anything or go anywhere as long as you have all the information.

Our Flight Path

We don’t just like airplanes. We fly them. We test out maintenance practices, the latest in airplane brands, and the most recent pilot gear to see how it works. We analyze the manufacturer’s claims to see if they’re true. We test products in all situations and don’t write reviews based on single-use.

You’ve logged hundreds, if not thousands, of flight hours, so there’s no sense in taking a shortcut now. You need to ensure the equipment you’re using is safe and effective, even under the most strenuous use.

We put this kind of dedication into everything we test and every article we write, whether it’s a product round-up, a comparison, or a review. Our goal is to give you all of the information you need before you spend money on something you don’t.

Your equipment should be safe and operate optimally, whether you’re using it daily or once a month. It makes your life more fun and stress-free.

You put a lot of thought and effort into aviation, and we admire that. You shouldn’t be using outdated equipment. You should be using the equipment that will aid you the most in your goals and make life easier. We aim to help you find just that. 

What We Value

  • Passion 
  • Safety
  • Trustworthiness
  • Adventure

Meet Our Aviation Experts!

These are some of our top aviation experts. With countless hours of education, flight hours, licenses, and flight instruction knowledge, they bring you the best content. You can be sure you are getting the best information and insider knowledge from these wonderful pilots.

Helen Krasner

Helen is an aviation expert, enthusiast, and just all-around passionate pilot and instructor! She first obtained a fixed-wing Private Pilot’s license over 25 years ago. She didn’t stop there and decided to obtain a Private Pilots License and a Helicopter Commercial Pilot’s License along with an Instructor Rating shortly after.

Quickly decorating her resume with impressive achievements! Helen is proud that she’s tried so many different flying machines, from microlights to seaplanes and gliders! 

Since obtaining her license, Helen worked as a commercial helicopter pilot and instructor until she retired. She flew extensively across Europe and the United States. For the past decade, Helen has been working as an aviation writer, publishing several books and articles in various magazines and websites.

Kendra Gerken

Kendra grew up in a family of pilots and has been around planes since she can remember. She obtained her Private Pilot Certificate in 2014 and followed that certificate with an instrument rating and unmanned aerial systems certificate. After many flight hours in various single-engine aircraft, she obtained her Remote Pilot certificate. She loves flying and wishes that more people understand the beauty, hard work, and joy that goes into it. Writing for Aviator Insider allows Kendra to discuss one of her biggest life passions and help debunk the myth that flying is unsafe. She wants more people to feel comfortable in the air and be able to travel and enjoy the benefits that aviation has to offer the world.

Mehmet Akif Atalay

Mehmet is an aeronautical engineer from Turkey who loves all things related to flying and aircrafts. He’s been chasing his dream of becoming a pilot since he was five. During his college years, he furthered his goal by participating in paragliding in his school aviation club. 

Mehmet now works as a freelance writer but has worked with Turkish Airlines and Airbus in the past. Mehmets passion runs through many aspects of his life, and he loves watching planes fly by, collecting models, and hanging posters. He even admits running out of room for the last two. 

Trevin Casinder

Trevin now works as a full-time freelance writer, but his passion lines with flying. He is a seasoned pilot with a BSc. in Commercial Aviation and a B.A. in Aviation Management. He holds an FAA Commercial Pilot and Flight Instructor License and received training from The University of North Dakota. 

In addition to all these fantastic credentials, Trevin holds an ICAO Commercial Pilot License with a restricted ATPL rating. He is knowledgeable in every aspect of aviation and its gear. You can trust Trevin to bring the most up-to-date knowledge about flying and gear! 

Jamie Tugayeva

Jamie grew up around aviation; his grandfather, father, and brother are pilots, and his partner is a mechanical engineer specializing in aviation projects. He lives and breathes aviation, and his goal is to obtain his PPL as soon as his degree is finished.

Jamie encourages everyone to try to achieve their dream of flying but stresses that focus and dedication are the most essential parts of learning. As a freelance writer, Jamie loves to share his knowledge with others on Aviator Insider!

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