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Flying enthusiasts unite on this site to talk about the latest in aviation. As experienced flyers ourselves, we love to learn about the latest innovations in airplanes of all kinds as well as the new pilot gear we should be checking out.

You must love it too, or you wouldn’t be here. We want you to have the latest information and coolest new tech. Plus, you shouldn’t be spending money on things that aren’t useful to you or that you don’t like.

Unfortunately, that’s what a lot of people do. They have trouble finding the best equipment at the best prices, so they end up overpaying. It’s tough to sift through the less-than-ideal items to find what works for you.

However, we can help. We have the experience and the knowledge because we’ve been in the field for a long time. Aviator Insider aims to offer guides to the best airplane brands, pilot gear, avionics, maintenance, and destinations. We’ll help you decide what to buy, how to maintain it, and where to take it on your next trip.

You should be getting the most out of everything in your hangar, so we’ve provided some comprehensive resources to help you use them to their full potential. You’ll spend less time worrying about something going wrong and more time in flight.

We have guides for everything in aviation, so the sky’s the limit. You can do anything or go anywhere as long as you have all the information.

How it works


We don’t just like airplanes. We fly them. We test out maintenance practices, the latest in airplane brands, and the most recent pilot gear to see how it works. We analyze the manufacturer’s claims to see if they’re true. We test products in all situations and we don’t write reviews based on a single use.

You’ve logged hundreds, if not thousands, of flight hours, so there’s no sense in taking a shortcut now. You need to make sure the equipment you’re using is safe and effective, even under the most strenuous use.

We put this kind of dedication into everything we test and every article we write, whether it’s a product round-up, a comparison, or a review. Our goal is to give you all of the information you need before you spend money on something you don’t.

Your equipment should be safe and operate optimally, no matter whether you’re using it every day or once a month. It makes your life more fun and stress-free.

Everything we test is different, so the process varies depending on what we’re writing about, but here is our basic approach:

  1. We see a product we think we’ll like or someone recommends it to us. We don’t get free or discounted items from manufacturers. This ensures that our reviews are unbiased and fair.
  2. We test the item under the appropriate conditions and in all scenarios for months at a time before we evaluate its performance.
  3. We keep detailed notes of our experience with the item.
  4. The same person who tested the item will write about it. We don’t pass our detailed notes off to someone else to interpret. We want to make sure we are as thorough as possible, which means the same person takes the responsibility of testing and writing.
  5. Everything on the site is updated as needed to include changes to the product or answer questions from the community.

You put a lot of thought and effort into aviation, and we admire that. You shouldn’t be using outdated equipment. We think you’re brilliant and we want you to have great success. We’re glad you’re here.

Our core values

Passion, safety, trustworthiness, and adventure

Our Team

David Yeoman

David is quite the seasoned pilot and aviation expert; he was a glider pilot for several years before getting his private license in taildraggers, namely Citabrias. David then trained as an aircraft maintenance engineer, gaining licenses in both New Zealand and Australia. He worked on engines and airframes on many different aircraft models and sizes, from small two-seat trainers (Tomahawk or C152) to Twin Otters and Bandeirantes to finally B737’s and 767’s. David now holds an instrument rating and flies twin retractables, notably a Pa44 Seminole and a Pa30 Twin Comanche. When David is not exploring the skies, he spends his time building out his own two-seat taildragger, the Steen Skybolt.

Helen Krasner

Helen is an expert when it comes to anything aviation-related. As a retired commercial and instructional helicopter pilot, she has published several books and has also been an aviation writer for over ten years. Helen’s main areas of expertise and interest include general aviation and flight training; she has had extensive experience helping others learn the craft and even held a Personal Pilot License for many years.

Mehmet Akif Atalay

Mehmet Akif Atalay is an Aeronautical engineer who loves to write about anything and everything related to aircraft. Since he was five years old, he’s chased after his passion for aircrafts. While he was in University, he participated in paragliding in an aviation club. He even admits he’s run out of room in his home for all of the aircraft posters and models he’s collected.

Previously, he worked for Turkish Airlines and Airbus. More than an aircraft enthusiast, he knows how exciting it is to look up at the sky and watch a plane fly by. If you’re looking to share your passion for planes with someone, Mehemet’s the writer you’ll want to connect with.

Brieanna Savard

An adventurer at heart, Brieanna is a girl in her twenties who loves to read and write about all things aviation. Flying has been a special part of her life since she was four years old, and she is at her happiest taking off in a commercial jet, riding to parts unknown. One day, it is her dream to fly a little plane herself- at least as a co-pilot. She also loves to curl up with a cup of tea and a book dating back to the 1800s through the 1950s, play with her Texas Heeler puppy, spend time with her sister while watching old shows or hearing a book aloud, or wander in the woods and bathe her feet in forest waters wherever she may find them.

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