Piper M600 Guide and Specs

The flagship of the company, Piper M600, is the world’s first single-engine turboprop equipped with a Garmin G3000 cockpit. M600 demonstrates that it is more than a simple improvement from the Piper M500 (Previously Piper Malibu Meridian).

Featuring state-of-the-art avionics, autopilot, and safety features like auto landing, the Piper M600 is a true work of innovative engineering art.

It gains increased fuel capacity using novel clean-sheet wing designs, allowing it to travel long distances while preserving aerodynamic efficiency.

Inside the aircraft, on the other hand, one pilot and five passengers may enjoy the maximum level of comfort thanks to the aircraft’s automatically adjusted cabin altitude. Aside from all the other specifications, the HALO technology is the most noticeable improvement in the new M600.

With the addition of new capabilities, the Piper M600 now straddles the line between being an owner-flew aircraft and a business prop.

Piper M600 Specifications

The Piper M600, the company’s flagship, is a pressurized turboprop with a low wing and retractable landing gear. It has a capacity of five passengers and one pilot.

The design of the M600 is pretty like the M500, which refers to the PA-46 Malibu Meridian. However, a new, clean-sheet wing design adds 90 gallons of fuel capacity and increases the maximum takeoff weight to 6,000 pounds, giving it significant capabilities. Because of its bigger wing tanks for storage, the M600’s IFR range with reserves is extended to 1,300 nautical miles.

The radar, which was previously positioned beneath the wing, is now incorporated into the wing, improving the wing’s aerodynamics, and eliminating any turbulence producers.

The inside of the Piper M600 has also been improved. Piper collaborated with the internal marketing team to develop the cabin. Piper’s EXP package complements the elegant and well-appointed interior.

Customers may pick from a range of exquisite interior color palettes in addition to personalized embroidery and badging. All seats are made of hand-selected and treated leather, with solid or two-tone interior seating options. In a single-engine turboprop, the veneer and trim finish add to the feeling of refinement.

When it comes to cockpit avionics, Piper offers the Garmin G3000 instead of the G1000 NXi found in the M500 and M350.

G3000 Avionics and HALO

Piper M600 G3000 Avionics and HALO

The Piper M600 is equipped with advanced safety features and a state-of-the-art Garmin G3000 avionics suite with a GFC700 flight control system. The G3000 avionics system is the most modern avionics available for general aviation aircraft and is commonly seen in business jets.

The Piper HALO safety system, on the other hand, is packed with capabilities for both the air and the airfield. Most importantly, HALO comes with Garmin Autoland as a standard feature.

When the Garmin Autoland system senses pilot incapacity, it operates completely autonomously. The Autoland can be activated manually as well. Autoland’s algorithms analyze runway length, time, wind, fuel, weather, and glide route while determining the best airport for landing. ATC is notified, and passengers are informed of the aircraft’s position and expected landing time.

The braking system will operate and bring the airplane to a complete stop once it reaches the runway, the engine will shut down, and passengers will be briefed on how to safely evacuate the aircraft.

Automatic Level Mode, which brings the aircraft to a wings-level attitude, and an Automatic Descent Mode with Hypoxia Recognition, which allows pilots to recover from hypoxia, are two more HALO Safety features.

A list of HALO System Features are as follows:

  • Garmin Autoland
  • Automatic Level Mode
  • Hypoxia Recognition with Automatic Descent Mode
  • Electronic Stability and Protection (ESP)
  • Synthetic Vision
  • SafeTaxi
  • TerminalTraffic
  • SurfaceWatch
  • Flight Stream 510
  • Auto Throttle

Table 1: Piper M600 Specs – Source: Official Brochure

Wingspan 43.16 ft (13.2 m) Seats 6
Height 11.3 ft (3.4 m) Max Ramp Weight 6,050 lb. (2,744 kg)
Length 29.7 ft (9.1 m) Max Takeoff Weight 6,000 lb. (2,722 kg)
Cabin Volume 165 cu ft (4.67 cu m) Max Landing Weight 5,800 lb. (2,631 kg)
Cabin Length 12 ft 3 in (3.73 m) Max Zero Fuel Weight 4,850 lb. (2,200 kg)
Cabin Width 4 ft 1 in (1.25 m) Standard Empty Weight 3,650 lb. (1,656 kg)
Cabin Height 3 ft 11 in (1.18 m) Fuel Capacity, Usable 260 gallons (984 liters)
Door Dimensions 3 ft 10 in*2.0 ft (1.16 m * 0.61 m) Payload With Full Fuel 658 lbs (298 kg)
Internal Baggage 20.0 cu ft – 100 lbs (0.57 cu m – 45 kg)    

Piper M600 Performance and Handling

Piper M600 Performance and Handling

The Piper M600 is powered by a 600-horsepower Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-42A turboprop engine. A four-bladed Hartzell constant-speed propeller drives the engine.

The plane can reach a peak speed of 507 kilometers per hour (274 ktas). At 184 ktas cruise speed and a 45-minute reserve, the aircraft’s range is 1,658 nautical miles (3,071 km). The Piper M600 can fly from Los Angeles to Houston, New York City to Dallas, and London to Athens.

While the controls are heavier than the original Meridian, the Piper M600 offers a satisfyingly steady control at both fast and moderate speeds. The engine placed in the plane is simple to start, operate, and manage. Flying the plane through takeoff, landing, and traffic has a predictable pattern, and it is heavy enough to provide a stable platform.

The aircraft’s acceleration and climb capabilities are also satisfactory. The controls of the plane are basic but effective. The Piper M600 is slower than its main competitor, the Daher TBM series, but it uses less gasoline and is less expensive, making it a more cost-effective alternative.

Table 2: Piper M600 Performance – Source: Official Brochure

Engine Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-42A Range with 45 min Reserve @ 184 ktas 1,658 nm (3,071 km)
Horsepower 600 shp Max Operating Altitude 30,000 ft (9,144 m)
Propeller Hartzell 4-Blade Constant Speed or Optional 5 Blade Cabin Altitude at 28,000 ft (7,925 m) 8,244 ft (2,513 m)
Max Cruise Speed 274 ktas (507 km/h) Rate of Climb (Sea Level, MTOW) 1,556 ft/min (474 m/min)
Range with 45 min Reserve @ 274 ktas 1,209 nm (2,239 km) Landing Distance over 50 ft Obstacle 2,659 ft (810 m)
Range with 45 min Reserve @ 257 ktas 1,385 nm (2,565 km) Fuel Capacity, Usable 260 gal (984 L)

Piper M600 Modifications and Upgrades

Piper M600 Modifications and Upgrades

Piper is one of the most transparent and generous general aviation businesses when it comes to publicly muscle the modification and upgrade possibilities of their aircraft. When it comes to upgrades, the Piper M600 is no exception. The following details are taken directly from the Piper M600 booklet.

Table 3: Standard Features – Source: M600 Brochure

Garmin G3000® Avionics Suite with HALO Safety System: GFC 700 Digital Autopilot – Dual GTC 575 Touchscreen Cockpit – GMA 36B Digital Audio Panel – GTX 345R Transponder (ADS-B” In & Out”) – GWX 75 Weather Radar – Garmin® FliteCharts – Garmin® GI-275 Standby – Integrated Digital Cabin Pressurization


HALO Safety System: GarminAutoland (fully autonomous) – SurfaceWatch – Auto Throttle – Flight Stream 510 – SafeTaxi® – Synthetic Vision – TerminalTraffic – Emergency Descent Mode – Automatic Level Mode – Underspeed Protection (USP) – Coupled Go-Around – Electronic Stability & Protection (ESP)

Additional Standard Equipment:

FIKI – Flight Into Known Icing – PiperAire Air Conditioning – Bose A20 Headsets – USB Charging Ports

Table 4: M600 Premier Package Options – Source: Piper Website

International Package
• GSR 56 Iridium Transceiver • BendixKing KN 63 Remote DME • GTX 345D Diversity Transponder & GTX 335 Digital Transponder
Awareness Package
• Jeppesen Chartview • GTS 855 Traffic Advisory System TCAS / ACAS I • TAWS-B (Terrain Awareness and Warning System) • GTX 335 Second Digital Transponder • GWX 8000 Weather Radar
Weather Package
• GDL 69A SXM Satellite Weather • L3 WX-500 StormScope
Premium Package
• 110-Volt AC power outlet • Hartzell 5-Blade composite prop • Lee CoolView Windows • AmSafe seatbelts (Pilot and co-pilot positions)
*All these upgrades can be purchased as single equipment.

Piper M600 Prices

Piper M600 Prices

The Piper M600 has a list price of around $3.5 million when it is outfitted with a standard configuration. The Piper website has price information for avionics equipment and premier package choices. They also present the expenses for interior improvements. Most of the pre-owned aircraft for sale is fairly new aircraft with very few flying hours on the airplane.

Pre-owned aircraft come in various configurations; therefore, their pre-owned costs are more than anticipated compared to buying a brand-new aircraft.

According to Piper, the M600’s direct operating expenses with standard equipment are around $600 per hour when using standard equipment. Piper compares its aircraft to the TBM 940 and PC-12 NG, which have a cost per hour of around $800.

Piper M600 Maintenance Schedule

The Piper M600 Maintenance Manual may be used to identify when and under what conditions maintenance should be performed.

According to the Pilot’s Operating Handbook, every owner should maintain close contact with an authorized Piper Service Center or Piper’s Customer Services Department to obtain the most up-to-date information regarding their airplane and to take advantage of Piper’s support services.

The Pratt & Whitney Canada engine has a time between overhauls (TBO) of 3,200 hours before it requires an overhaul. For technical materials, please see https://www.piper.com/technical-publications/ for more information.

Piper M600 Common Problems

According to a spokeswoman for the National Transportation Safety Board, they had an investigation focused on six instances between December 2019 and January 2021 in which pilots of Piper M600 aircraft reported a loss of directional control when landing. Pilots involved in several of the accidents have raised worry about possible nose wheel difficulties.

Attempts to control the nose direction failed in two of the incidents, aviators at the controls reported, as the planes careened off the strip, causing significant damage. Piper issued service bulletins advising owners to maintain correct front tire pressure and conduct more frequent checks, adjustments, and replacements of nose gear parts.

Another Airworthiness Directive for the Piper M600 concerned the use of undersized fasteners during the aircraft’s construction. To rectify what it deemed an “unsafe condition,” the FAA issued an airworthiness directive. The AD, which goes into effect on July 25, 2018, is for M600s with serial numbers 4698004 through 4698041.

Piper M600 Where to Find Replacement Parts

Piper M600 Where to Find Replacement Parts

Piper says it is committed to providing its clients with the support and help they need to maintain and operate their aircraft properly. On the Piper website, users can view an interactive map showing the locations of the company’s service facilities and locations where owners may obtain replacement components. Part catalogs and other information are also available on the Piper website.

Piper M600 Insurance Options

In 2019, Piper extended the warranty on their M600 aircraft to 1,500 flying hours or five years, up from 1,000 hours before. Piper claims that they did so because they are confident in the Piper M600.

Even though the M600 is a newer and enhanced model, researching M500 Insurance possibilities will give you a better idea of the M600’s insurance alternatives.

Premiums for aviation insurance vary depending on criteria such as aircraft type and model, hull value, use, and pilot background and credentials. An airplane’s loss history, as well as industry losses, are considered for determining insurance premiums.

For the Piper M600, there are two forms of aviation insurance. The first is Liability Coverage, which is included in all aircraft insurance plans as standard. On the other hand, Hull Coverage is an optional add-on that protects the aircraft’s structure against damage.

Aviation liability insurance insures the aircraft owner or policyholder against claims arising from harm caused by the aircraft outside the aircraft, such as property damage and physical injury.

Piper M600 Resale Value

Among other factors, the M600’s resale value is heavily influenced by the aircraft’s options and packages, the number of hours flown, and the overall condition of the aircraft.

A plane with various options and excellent maintenance is selling for roughly $3 million, as previously indicated. While some look to be virtually brand new, those, on the other hand, appear to be almost brand-new airplanes.

Piper M600 Owner Reviews

Piper M600 Owner Reviews

The extended range of the Piper M600 made it more popular than the Piper M500, and for some, that made it the ideal aircraft for its class. Its lower cost, compared to the TBM series aircraft, is another highly regarded feature.

Pilots who have flown the Piper M600 have said that the controls are not overly responsive but that they are consistent and that the aircraft has a great steady flight characteristic. With its revolutionary approach, the aircraft’s HALO safety system and Autoland are two of the features that attracted many admirers.

Piper M600 Similar Aircraft

When comparing the Piper M600 to the TBM 900 series, the two planes have similar performance, but the M600 has a cheaper starting price and lower ongoing operating costs. While a brand new TBM 910 costs just under $4.5 million and a TBM 940 costs slightly more, the M600 SLS costs $3.5 million.

Other comparable aircraft include the Epic E1000 GX and the Pilatus PC-12 NGX.

Piper M600 Clubs You Can Join

Joining an organization such as the “Piper Flyer Association” or the “Piper Owner Society” will help you meet other M600 owners and learn from their experiences. Additionally, you can adhere to the official system of the Piper for owners.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How Much is a Piper M600?

Answer: In 2021, the cost of a new Piper M600 with standard equipment would be $3.5 million.

Question: How Fast is the Piper M600?

Answer: It has a cruising speed of 274 ktas, which is equivalent to 507 km/h in the metric system.

Question: Is the Piper M600 Pressurized?

Answer: It is pressured, to be sure. At FL280, the cabin is located at an elevation of 8,244 feet (2,513 meters).

Question: What is the Range of a Piper M600?

Answer: At 274 ktas (max cruise) and 45 minutes reserve, the Piper M600 has a range of 1,209 nautical miles (2,239 km). It is 1385 nm (2,565 km) at 257 ktas cruising with a 45-minute reserve and 1,658 nm (3,071 km) at 184 ktas cruising with a 45-minute reserve.

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