Cessna Citation M2 Guide and Specs

The Cessna Citation M2 is a light business jet, which has been manufactured by Cessna since 2011 and is still in production.  It was based on an earlier Citation, the Model 525 CitationJet or CJ1, which was first launched in 1989. This had been developed due to the increasing prices of the engines that were installed earlier Citation models.

Several other variants were developed over the years before the Citation M2 came along.  This was a more dramatic change, in that it had increased sophistication and improved features.  The Citation M2 had a new cabin layout, as well as new engines which delivered more thrust. This last feature gave the Citation M2 a faster climb speed than some of its competitors. The new type also had several other different features, including a Garmin Flight Management System, digital color radar, and dual AHRS.

It seemed as though Cessna had read the market well, for the new variant appeared to be popular right from the start. Indeed, after the Citation Mustang stopped being produced in 2017, the Citation M2 became Cessna’s entry-level jet.  By June 15th, 2020, 250 Citation M2 jets had been delivered, and this does not look like reducing any time soon.  People seem to like this new jet. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why.



  • Exterior

  • Exterior Height: 13 ft 11 in
  • Wing Span: 47 ft 3 in
  • Length: 42 ft 7 in
  • Interior

  • Cabin Height: 4 ft 9 In
  • Cabin Width: 4 ft 10 In
  • Cabin Length: 11 ft
  • Cabin Volume: 198 cu ft
  • Internal Baggage: 50 cu ft
  • Occupancy

  • Crew: 1-2
  • Passengers: 7
  • Operating Weights

  • Max T/O Weight: 10700 Lb
  • Max Landing Weight: 9900 Lb
  • Empty Weight: 8400 Lb
  • Fuel Capacity: 3296 lbs Lb
  • Payload Useful: 3800 Lb
  • Max Payload: 1400 Lb
  • Maximum Ramp Weight: 10,800 lbs
  • Range

  • Max Range: 1300 nm
  • Service Ceiling: 41000 ft
  • Distances

  • Take-off Distance: 3210 ft
  • Balanced Field Length: 3250 ft
  • Landing Distance: 2590 ft
  • Performance

  • Rate of Climb: 3,698ft fpm
  • Max Speed: 400 kts
  • Normal Cruise: 392 kts
  • Economy Cruise: 336 kts
  • Cost per Hour: $ 1,488.72
  • 2019 List Price: $4,700,000
  • Power Plant

  • Engines: 2
  • Engine Mfg: Williams International
  • Engine Model: FJ44-1AP-21



The Citation M2 was originally priced at $4.5 million, but now the list price for this light business jet has increased to $5.15 million.  Of course, a few cheaper used models can be found.  However, it is difficult to quote any sort of price range for these, as ads tend to ask prospective buyers to phone or email for price information rather than quoting an exact price, as they often do for cheaper planes.

However, according to one reputable source, the average price of a pre-owned Cessna Citation M2 is a little over $4 million, while another good source quotes over $3 million.  Somewhere between these two figures seems like the best estimate that can be made.  This seems fairly likely, since it must be borne in mind that none of these aircraft will be more than a few years old, since the M2 has only been manufactured since 2011.  so there is not6 likely to be that much of a price reduction for pre-owned models.

Performance and Handling

The Citation M2 was designed to be ideal for pilots new to flying jets, ie it is an entry-level jet.  It can also be operated by only one suitably trained pilot.  This is not the case for many other jets, particularly larger ones, where a full flight crew is required.  The cockpit is comfortable for single-pilot operations, and the plane can be flown easily under instrument conditions by one person.  In addition, it operates well in ‘hot and high conditions, such as high altitude airports in warmer parts of the country.  Its maximum altitude is actually an eye-watering 41,000 feet, and it has a maximum airspeed in excess of 400 knots.  This is very good for a small jet and makes it a very versatile aircraft indeed.

As explained,  the Citation M2 is a very powerful aircraft.  But nevertheless, it can take off with just a little over 3,000 feet of runway, unlike many larger jets, and its required landing distance is only 2,590 feet.  This compares very well with similar small jet aircraft.  And in addition, the avionics are simple and, according to one pilot, a ‘joy to use.

Furthermore, the passenger compartment is comfortable and luxurious looking, so much so that it is described by some owners as ‘having the wow factor.  This may not be of primary importance, but it is certainly a plus. And even if all seats are filled and a full load carried, the plane still handles well, and its range is not affected.

When it comes to handling, things are really simple for a jet.  Starting the engines is straightforward – simply depress the starter switch, then the FADEC system takes over and everything is done automatically.  The starter cuts out automatically when it is not needed, and the whole sequence is displayed clearly on the Garmin engine instrumentation.

The pilot must still be watchful for hot and hung starts of course, but that is about all.  Ground steering is achieved in a conventional manner, and take-off and departure are similar to all simple aircraft, so they will not be unfamiliar for those to whom this is the first jet.  Overall, there is not much to dislike about the performance and handling of this small jet; it flies well and handles with no major issues.

Maintenance Schedule

Cessna Performance

Of course, as for all aircraft, regular maintenance is necessary to ensure the Citation M2 is safe to be flown.  The maintenance intervals depend on the manufacturer’s guidelines, and maintenance is scheduled based primarily on the number of hours flown.  Then of course there is the unexpected – such as accidents, bird strikes, and so on.  Such things are rare, but they do happen, particularly when an airplane is flown frequently, as jet aircraft tend to be.  And you also need to factor in the cost of engine overhauls, which are not required often, but will be necessary from time to time in any aircraft.

For these reasons, it is difficult to give accurate maintenance costs for a Citation M2.  However, as you might expect, maintenance for small jets is not cheap.  The direct operating costs of the Citation M2 are quoted as being around $1,300 per flying hour, which is actually slightly more than for some small jets.  This price includes fuel burn and various maintenance, crew, and operating fees.  It is hard to be more accurate than this, but maintenance intervals and costs are not too dissimilar to those of other small jets.

Modifications and Upgrades

There have not been many modifications and improvements made to the Cessna Citation M2, probably since so many changes were made in its original development from the Cessna 525 CitationJet.  However, in 2021 Textron Aviation introduced two new Cessna business jet models, the Citation M2 Gen 2 and the Citation XLS Gen 2.  These are upgrades of the Citation M2 and the Citation XLS aircraft.  They continue the ongoing evolution of the Citation line of aircraft.  In particular, the upgrades concentrate on improvements in the cabin layout based on input from customers.

Citation M2 improvements include increased legroom for the pilot, new cabin accent lighting, side seats that fold down for storage, plus redesigned seating and cabin sidewalls.  There are also new interior colors, optional wood-type flooring, and wireless charging stations.  All of these may not be of primary importance for the pilot, but they should make a substantial difference to passenger comfort.

Where to Find Replacement Parts

Cessna Citation

As for all Cessna aircraft, replacement parts can be found through Textron Aviation’s supply and service network around the world, and this should probably be the first port of call for the new owner.  But as is the case for many other Citation models, there are a number of private companies offering spare parts, and some are also available on eBay.

Common Problems

As has proved to be the case for most other Citation models, there seem to be few problems. With the Citation M2.  Most pilots report extremely positively about the aircraft, and the fact that it is a development of the Citation Model 525, means that most earlier problems have been ironed out before the Citation M2 came along.  Indeed, the major problem for most pilots is likely to be the cost of ownership of a Citation M2, since both the initial outlay and the running costs are quite high.  But for anyone who can afford one, this seems to be an almost trouble-free aircraft.

Insurance Options

As for all aircraft, insurance is broken down into two parts – liability insurance, covering damage done by the aircraft, and hull insurance, which is damage to the plane itself.  As for all aircraft, insurance prices vary greatly, depending on a large number of factors including pilot experience, use of the aircraft, and loss history of the type in general. So it is difficult to quote any precise figures.

Having said that, bwifly.com, a broker specializing in aircraft insurance, quotes the following figures from a study of the eight companies offering Cessna Citation Jet insurance in the U S.  These are assuming the aircraft to be flown by qualified pilots with at least a Commercial license and instrument rating, with at least 3000 hours total time, and with some specifications as to what that experience consists of.  These aircraft are not for beginners!

So here are their quotes:

For an annual policy with $1,000,000 in liability-only coverage.
The premium range for qualified pilots: $1,250-$1,600 per year.

For an annual policy with $1,000,000 in liability coverage and $1,250,000 in hull coverage
The premium range for qualified pilots: $6,800-$9,600 per year.

However, they do specify that any individual quotes may vary significantly from these estimates.

Resale Value

Cessna m2

Since these aircraft are not more than a few years old, it is hard to be precise about their resale value.  Sources quote between $3 million and $4 million approximately, but as with all pre-owned aircraft, this will depend to a large extent on the care and upkeep of the aircraft.  So the moral is that it is worth taking good care of your Citation M2 if you want it to keep its value.

However, since the Citation M2 seems to be popular and has few problems, resale value is likely to remain competitive for some years to come.

Owner and Operator Reviews

Perhaps unsurprisingly, considering the cost, not that many Citation M2s are privately owned.  So reviews tend to be from operators, aviation journalists, and similar people.  Here are some examples.

“Everything about the Cessna Citation M2 oozes luxury, simplicity, and practicality. The jet is striking to look at, its graceful curves augmented by shining silver leading edges on the wings and engine nacelles. These aren’t there simply to look good but are heated for de-icing purposes.”

(Review of test flight)

“The Citation M2 gives owner-pilots an airplane that does exactly what they expect it to do with great economy and dependability. Only now it’s doing it with a great new cockpit and a wonderful new cabin, a combination of attributes Cessna says has created a tremendous level of interest in the new jet, which comes as no surprise to us.”

(Magazine review)

“After flying the M2 for 1.5 hours, I felt it wouldn’t take much more training to feel safe in this capable jet. While the M2 is one of the smallest Citations, it manages to deliver a lot of performance and flexibility for a sub-$5-million jet that can carry up to seven passengers. The ability to climb quickly to FL410 is helpful for getting on top of weather, although the top speed of 404 ktas comes at FL330.”

(Pilot report)

So there you have it in a nutshell– pilots like the Citation M2, find it easy to fly and are impressed with its performance.  Reviews report these same things again and again.  The Citation M2 does seem to be a much-loved aircraft.

Similar Aircraft

Honda Jet

There are not all that many competitors when it comes to the small jet market, but there are a few worthy of mention.  There is the Honda Aircraft HondaJet, which is slightly faster than the Citation M2, but otherwise fairly similar.  Then there is the Embraer Phenom 100E, which is sometimes said to be the closest competitor, but it has a faster climb speed than the M2.  And finally, we have the Cessna Citation Mustang and the Eclipse Jet, both of which are fairly similar to the Citation M2 in most respects.  So prospective buyers might do well to take a look at these few types before making a final decision.

Clubs You Can Join

As for other Cessna aircraft, owners would probably find it useful to join either of the two general Cessna clubs, the Cessna Pilots’ Association and the Cessna Flyers’ Association, though it must be emphasized that both of these do tend to be slanted more towards Cessna singles and twins.  There are also clubs aimed at all Citation owners and operators, such as Citation Jet Pilots, which can be found at https://www.citationjetpilots.com/.  This is probably the best club for Citation M2 pilots and owners to join.  There seems to be nothing specifically for Citation M2 owners, which is perhaps not surprising, considering the relatively small number of models flying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How much does a new Citation M2 cost?

Answer: I have seen the price quoted by one source as £4.7 million, and elsewhere given as $5.15 Million.  The price will be around this figure, but the best advice we can give, as for any purchase, is to shop around, as prices do vary.

Question: What is the range of the Cessna Citation M2?

Answer:  The range is usually quoted as being 694 miles.

Question: Is there a toilet in the Citation M2?

Answer: Yes, indeed there is, as you would expect in a luxurious aircraft of this type.  There is a flushing toilet at the very rear of the plane, and this comes as standard.


Basically, the Cessna Citation M2 is an extremely good aircraft in almost all ways – for those who can actually afford it!  It is not a cheap aircraft either to buy or to run.  But it is an excellent entry-level

jet for those owners looking to move on to this type of aircraft.  It has few vices, and is relatively easy to fly, although of course some training will be required if this is your first jet.  But if this is the type of aircraft you are looking for, the Citation M2 is wholeheartedly recommended.

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