Helen Krasner

Helen is an expert in all things aviation! She first obtained a fixed-wing Private Pilots Licence 25 years ago. Private and Commercial helicopter licenses and Instructor Rating were quickly added to her resume. Helen has worked as an instructor for several years, flying throughout Europe and the US. She's published several books and articles on all things aviation and is eager to continue sharing her knowledge!

Heading Indicator Guide

The Heading Indicator or HI is also known as the Direction Indicator or DI, or sometimes the Directional Gyro. This flight instrument is used in almost all airplanes to show heading information. The Heading Indicator is situated on the instrument panel and is directly in front of the pilot in most planes. This is because, …

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Cessna 150 vs 172

The Cessna 150 vs 172 are similar in many ways.  They are both all single-engined metal high-wing light aircraft, which were made in large numbers by Cessna, and aimed at the private flying and training market. Many pilots are likely to have learned to fly on one or other of them, and even more will …

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